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Environmental Policy 
We fully recognise our responsibility to manage the impact of our activities on the environment and are committed to excellent environmental practice.  Our employees undergo on-going training in environmental efficiency and awareness. Waste management is of the utmost importance to us and 100% of waste is diverted away from landfill, we operate a reduce, reuse, recycle hierarchy, starting with careful selection, ordering and use of materials.  We are committed to the development of our waste minimisation strategy. Wherever possible, we will use our influence with clients and their designers to improve the whole-life environmental performance to establish energyefficient and sustainable solutions.  This includes the specification and procurement of certified legal and sustainable materials.  We are taking steps to measure some sources of C02 emissions that are easily quantified including:   
• Electricity and gas usage with converting to Green Energy • Recycling of printer cartridges • Reducing embodied energy during deliveries • Discuss quality, environmental and health & safety issues regularly at the highest levels of the company and consult with our employees on all related matters. 
In the future, this information may be used to set targets for reduction.   
Michael E Stopford

Version 5 Date: 01/06/2021 

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